This is blog is the sporadic ramblings of a guy called Dave:- An automotive CGI Artist from London working in Essex.


^ That’s me in case you were wondering.

My route into CGI is not the typical one that everyone follows. I was trained to be a Product Designer Engineer. However I soon fell out of love with the industry and decided to follow something that had been interesting me for some time.

In my final year of University I studied a module called “Product Visualisation” – essentially making stuff look real. I loved this module but I had that horrible feeling of too little too late.

I picked up the odd freelance contract and interview but didn’t manage to secure a career in the CGI industry until early 2011. Back then I was an Architectural Visualiser working for a great studio in South West London. I learnt so much. I finally had my chosen career.

To make it my perfect job though, it needed one thing…cars. And that leads us up to today.

Oh and I take photos quite a lot so why not check out my other site: http://shootingdave.co.uk


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  1. hi, i just wanted to ask you how did you made to the BMW when modeling the body, your corners that sharp without ” pinch ” the car body ? Maybe a screenshot with wireframe on would be great closest to the rounded corners, to see how you put the edges and connections together. thx !

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