Good things come to those who wait…

November 2013, that was the last time I posted on my own site. Pretty appalling for a CG Artist but sometimes, that’s how life goes, work gets in the way and things get left behind. So what has happened in that time? Well quite a lot it turns out. I changed jobs, learnt Maya and joined Saddington Baynes working as a middleweight automotive artist with various manufactures, mainly Honda. In May 2016 I got promoted to a Senior Automotive Artist (fist pump) and I am now finally able to share some work that I completed in late 2015.

There is a lot of work that I currently can’t share but hopefully, pretty soon, I will.

The first piece that I’d like to share is the Honda Civic Type R.



This was super fun project to work on. It included a 25hours photo/video shoot and lots of exploration. There is a breakdown over on Saddington Baynes. I do have some behind the scenes images that I will share at a later date.

The next piece I’d like to show is the Acura NSX. I am so proud of these pieces. From selecting the backplates, motion blurring them and camera matching, all the way through to lighting this stunning car.



Totally rewarding to work on, these are only two from the series, check the rest out on Saddington Baynes.

That’s all for now, catch you soon.


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