Wet Road

A while ago I started working on some materials for the Lexus LFA – well that was before Christmas and I have since ran out of inspiration. I was really struggling to think of a final image for the car or at least an image worth working on.

Rolling shots in photography have always been my favourite kind of automotive shot. They always have so much drama and presence and I think it sets the car off nicely. So I decided, that was what I was going to do.

Here’s the scene, curved, banked corner, overcast, just stopped raining and pretty monochromatic. Below is a screen grab from VRayRT as I test the materials and adjust the camera and lighting.


As you can see, no sky at the moment and the light strip that runs through the road is the reflection of the mesh fence, I will fix that so it doesn’t look so odd.

Oh and for those who want to see what it looks like in 3DsMax… here is a screen grab of that too.


Everything is still WIP at the moment but hopefully I will get some time to finish it off.

Thanks for watching.



2 responses to “Wet Road

  1. I love the water detail in the corner…is the water plane warped to get the irregularity or is it the street?

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