Lexus LF-A

Following on from my last blog post I have decided to reveal what I have been working on.


I have had this model for quite some time now and I have never known what to do with it. (More accurately, I didn’t have the skills to do anything with it.) I finally decided I wanted to give it some love. I also knew that I wanted the car to be stanced as I spend a great portion of my life gawking at StanceWorks

That meant that the car had to be low and I wanted to use something other than the stock wheels. I fancied taking an already aggressive looking car and giving it an equally aggressive stance.


Now truth be told, I still don’t know what I am going to do with it. These are clearly not hi-res renders. I could only get hold of the low-res backplates from SMCars. The purpose of these renders is to check the materials. As you can see I have done a front, rear and side shot.


Now to come up with a decent idea for a render.


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