Work Meister S1 3P

I will be the first to admit, not the most exciting title for a blog post is it?!

Well I wanted some new rims for my next render so these were the ones that I wanted. Full on three piece wheels, but I didn’t go that mad with the details, I didn’t model all of the holes for the bolts.


No I haven’t done any modelling for age…literally like 6 months. SO progress was slow when making these rims. Here is a few screen grabs of the process.



Now I’ll admit that it isn’t the smoothest of meshes but…meh what you gonna do?


As you can probably see from the cap on the rim that my next project will be a Lexus. Any guesses as to which Lexus? I’ll give you a clue – it’s a fast one.

Oh and I would like to give credit to cg-space and Peter for the tire. It is a gorgeous model!


6 responses to “Work Meister S1 3P

  1. perfect quads ! Do you do every by hand or do you have a specail tool to advice to blend the circular holes with the surface ?

    • Nah I do it all be hand. I have used the spacing tool before but I haven’t had enough practice with the graphite modelling tools.

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