Concept Car Update…

Well…as the title says.

Going a bit far? I think so but who cares…it’s my bloody PC!

Thanks for watching.


5 responses to “Concept Car Update…

  1. After a second glance, if I may point out something that a little bit bothers me though, is that the bolt holes feel a little too small, but as I got nothing to compare to, I may be wrong. Maybe it just bothers me because I can never get that right on my wheels 😀 cheers!

    • Yeah I see what you mean. The bolt holes are 25mm as they should be and are in a 5×108 pattern which is what Lancia use. I feel maybe because I enlarged the rim to 17 inches rather than 15 it might make them look a little small in comparison.

      Glad you are digging them.

    • Hey Alex – same comment as above really – they are the correct size – it may just look small relative the rims size. Next update will have some more progress on the car 🙂

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