Since my last post I couldn’t help but think something was wrong.

I wasn’t quite happy with how the render came out so I upped the settings and re-rendered and went to town with the post processing with a certain vintage look in mind. After all this car is from the 80’s.

Here is the new render:

I think I got the look I wanted – a nice deep red with a low saturation background with course and bleached lighting like 35mm film.

Below is the RAW render:

Now I am not claiming this to be a good render – this was more an exercise of using passes and comping them together. More of a post processing practice task. Good post will never hide a bad render and I think this illustrates that fact too. Once I get better with render passes I might look into doing a tutorial if anyone is interested.

I will also be doing a new scene for this car too – I have been dying to do a rolling shot so expect to see something along the lines of that soon 🙂

Thanks for watching.


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