Post Processing…

…for a friend.

This is a bought model but it is rendered by friend on a forum under the name Oxydo. I was just showing him that he can bring some life into a render. This is still WIP as he is still working on his lighting setup but any way:



Nice little transformation. I might see if I can pinch the model as I fancy having a stab at some rendering šŸ˜€

So if you got a nice car model…hook me up!

Thanks for watching


6 responses to “Post Processing…

    • I don’t like using plugins to post process images. Every image is different and needs to be adjusted in a different way. A plugin cannot do that – a plugin does not know what look you are going for.

      I used all standard tools – there is nothing impressive about what I did. I just comes from a lot of practice. Sorry but I do not have a tutorial for you – this kind of thing comes with experience.

      You want some advice – stop using plugins šŸ™‚

      • Your advice makes sense!..
        Although I try to achieve enough softness by standard tools without quality degradation . For example here U can see my version of the process without using any plugins .. but As you can see .. softness is definitely not enough (

      • Well I suggest you look into a lot of photoshop tutorials.

        I am completely self taught – I didn’t learn any of this at school/college or University. It takes time and practice.

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