Interior Project.

First time I have ever done one of these. Learnt a lot whilst modelling this. Turns out I enjoy making interiors and furniture. Who would have known?

Thanks for watching.


8 responses to “Interior Project.

  1. Lovely interior mate! Only viewing on iPhone so can’t see it full size.

    The floor boards maybe look a bit too big?

    Also theres a very strong shadow around the rug.

    Only crates really from what I can see, great work! And like the own work pimping on the wall. Ha

    • Ah there is a black stripe on the rug 🙂 Probably a bad choice.

      Yeah floor might be a bit too big.

      I will rectify on the next interior. This was just a trial 🙂

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  3. Is it me or would the interior door open that way, just feels weird, but as a novice arch vizer…great work,wanna see some more. Keep it up

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