Material and modelling!

As I am sure you are, I am getting bored of working on this project!

I want to get onto modelling other things to broaden my horizons a little bit. Show what else I can do. Which is hard as there are about 50 cars that I want to model. There is also a competition coming up at that I want to enter my BMW for.

Here is a little montage of some of the things I have been doing this week:

There were a lot of little things that took a lot of time, like unrwapping the chairs as seen in this post! As well as unwrapping and heavily texturing the brake discs to give them anisotropic property which looks something like the result below:

The effect looks much better on higher settings. Below are the current state of affair pictures. I am happy with the paint shaders and the windows finally, after encountering all kinds of refraction issues. As well all sorts of weird light bounce problems.

I just need to put enough of an interior in to make it look believable and then finish up with the renders for the competition.

Thanks for watching.


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