BMW e30 M3 HDRI testing continued…

Argh well I am still struggling…

The renders are coming out lacking in contrast and needing a bit of post processing to bring them out their shell a little bit. It also seems that what works very well in the studio, doesn’t work so well with a HDRI.


Thanks for watching…


5 responses to “BMW e30 M3 HDRI testing continued…

  1. Looking nice for a test. I had the same problems with HDRi or the total opposit, everything being overly contrasty and reflective. Finding the middle ground is very time consuming, so nowdays I go with the post work reflections, or rather I try to do it hehe.

    So, I make a non-reflective render of the model, with some glossiness and high lighting/shadow/GI settings to create the base render. Then I create a render with 100% black material which is very reflective, without visible background. Then using the alpha of the second image to help, I composit it over the base in photoshop, and fiddle with the blending/opacity/etc of the layer till it looks fine. This way you can even change the color of the car for example without messing up the reflections. You can try to make more layers by mking separate shadow layer and such.

    Anyways, keep going, once you get it right it´s going to look awesome!

  2. Doing reflections as a pass def is the most flexible way, but I suspect the sunset timing of the HDR map is not helping…. I’d try one with stronger features to pick up in the reflections, and brighter light levels.

  3. Cheers Craig.

    I think it might be something to do with how the VRay Blend materials are working as other materials in the scene can pick up the environment. I will post some more test tonight.

    @lorddarthvik – I will think about rendering in separate passes as I am not bothered if I have to use Photoshop to combine them.

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  5. You should try to use the VRay dome light in combination with an HDRI panorama texture inside the texture slot. It maybe a bit slower in terms of rendertimes but it definitely produces a better lighting! You can try some of our free HDRI panoramas on Nice render anyway!

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