BMW e30 M3 with test HDRI…

…first things first: Let me thank Dosch Design for letting me snag some of their HDRI’s without them I wouldn’t be able to test out my materials in such an efficient manor.

Anyway first time for me using HDRI’s I haven’t used them since Cinema 4D which was over a year ago.

Images below: (Click for massive resolution goodness)

Verdict: Not massively fond of using HDRI’s they seem to blow out the materials some what. However it is handy to know how to use them. I still need to learn how to use them with a backplate to compose images.  I am pretty happy with the rear tail-lights as I didn’t want them to be the usual bright read and amber. I wanted smoked tail lights as I think it suits the car better.

Do you know what I think looking at the rear of the car? The tyres aren’t wide enough! They are 17×8.5 I think they will need 17×10. I guess that means a set of ACS type 1’s are in order along with some new tyres at some point.

Also please ignore the inaccuracies, I am aware of them and I will be fixing the incorrect areas as soon as I can be bothered.

Thanks for watching.


2 responses to “BMW e30 M3 with test HDRI…

  1. Which HDR are you using just out of interest? And what intensity is the HDR being used at with what radiosity intensity? LW terminology, but I’m assuming you’ll have similar parameters.

    The renders look very dark with little detail or intensity to the lighting and reflections at the mo.

  2. It is a desert HDRI from Dosch, I am mainly using it as it full of sky and not a lot else apart from sand.

    I must admit that I loaded the HDRI without changing any of the parameters. the sky dome is at 30% intensity.

    It is strange as the car paint is pretty much black when in the studio yet here it looks washed out and everything else is dark.

    I might need to play around with the gamma settings as well.

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