I need YOUR help…

Yes that is right, I need you to give me your opinion. That means I will need you to leave a comment or a suggestion in the comment section of this post.

What I am doing is making a new showreel to show off my latest work and I need some BANGIN’ tunes for you to nod your head to whilst ooh-ing and ahh-ing at my marvellous 3D talents.

So have a listen, lend me your opinions and let me know what you like or recommend!

1. Sub Focus: Rock It

2. La Roux: Going in for the Kill (Skreams – Let’s Get Ravy Remix)

3.  Fall Out Boy: Beat It ft. John Mayer

4. Swedish House Mafia: One

So there are my options, leave a comment and let me  know what you think.

I could really do with some insight as I don’t want to have lame music like my last showreel haha.


5 responses to “I need YOUR help…

  1. I would totally go for the first choice, if you’ve got a fast-motion sort of content, but then again, if it’s rather exterior renders, slow-camera movement, closeups of cars, you know, I would advise for the second. But before anything else, I would advise you check out http://bit.ly/9ec19P for some STOCK audio, either to mix it in with one of the above, or to substitute it altogether, so no copyright infringement occurs.

    Cheers mate!

  2. i like number 3 for quick movement video(fast moving objects in video) or 2 (for slover-stils, renders)

    ups i see i agree with contrastblack 😀 lol

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