Featured Artist: 3DLuis

Well it is that time again when you have seen something that you simply must share with everyone!

This time it is 3DLuis – A very talented artist who lives in Chicago. He is originally from Spain but moved to Chicago 8 years ago to pursue a career in Architectural Visualisation. Do check out his site for more. ->click me<-

What caught me was the images below. Click on each of them to see a full size image. It should bring back memories of being hunched over a games console round your mates house…

The image is titled Final Fight Scene and it is clear to see why. This is cool on so many levels! I think it has to be the retro nostalgia that really brings it home for me! This is why I love this piece! A major hats off to you Luis! His site is also full of beauties like this! Please go and visit it: http://luistejeda.tutorial-lab.com/

Thanks for watching


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