Resurrecting old work…

I was looking back through some posts over at 3Dtotal when I came across a tutorial of mine on their site which can also be found here.

I was looking at the image that I used for the final effect and I thought to myself how tired it looked. So I am quickly going to go over a few steps on how to spruce up your old work using photoshop.

Below is the image that I rendered out using 3DS Max and V-Ray:

As you can see, the image is a little flat and quite dull. This hides a lot of the detail in the model and generally makes the image look boring. To spice the image up a bit more the first thing I did was correct the levels. The are many ways of doing this in photoshop by manually adjusting the levels but what I did after opening the image was go Image>Adjustments>Levels and then I click Auto. The next thing to do was add some contrast. For this I duplicated the image and then went Image>Adjustments>Equalize now you might think that I have no ruined your image by doing this. Don’t worry I am not over yet. Change the layer to Soft Light and change the opacity to around 25%-35%. By this point you should have a lot more contrast in your image and it should look a whole lot better than it did to start with. If you are happy with this then you might want to stop here. If you want your image to look more like a photograph rather than a render then these next steps will help you achieve that.

On the base layer go to Filter>Distort>Lens Correction. What I do here is add some chromatic aberration. Normally around +5 and -5 to each level. Then I darken the edges with a little vignetting to make it look like it has been taken with a real lens. After this step I then go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharpen Mask and play around with the settings until I am happy with how much detail has been brought out.

The end result should look something like the one below. Obviously you are free to play around with as many of the settings as you wish but this is what I did to make my image look more interesting.

There is some noise in the image above but this is due to their being a lot of noise in the render to start with. The post processing techniques shown above just bring it out more.

I hope you found this usefull.

Thanks for watching.


3 responses to “Resurrecting old work…

  1. Wow thank you for this useful info! I’m a noob modeler and my renders always look boring and “plain” cause I don’t know how to use Photosohop as post-processing tool. If you have more trick and tips please share! 🙂

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