BMW e30 M3 Interior WIP 1

As I stated in my last WIP update I would be working on the interior of the BMW. I have enjoyed working on this part of the car. I am not used to working with soft surfaces so this was a bit of a challenge for me.

As this is an old classic car I wanted the seats to represent that, so I decided I would make the chairs look like they had been sat in rather than looking brand new. I hope I have managed to convey this in the modelling I have done. The pictures below show the kind of work I have been doing. At the moment, only the leather parts of the chair have been finished, I still have to do all of the mechanisms and plastic parts.

I want to create a high quality render for this as I think I will be using it in my showreel. I already have some colours in mind as to what I will be doing.

Let me know what you think, your feedback is really helpful.

Also be sure to check out what I have for sale in this post!

Thanks for watching.


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