Things are going slow…

…and heres why.

Now I know that I haven’t posted in a while and that I haven’t shown any sign of progress on the BMW. – I’m sorry 😉

In a shameless attempt at keeping you all coming back to my blog and to crush any speculation that I might have died (there is no real speculation – I am just writing for the effect) I felt the need to post this to let you know what’s going on.

The reason(s) for lack of progress on the BMW e30 M3 are as follows. For those of you with eyes and windows, I am sure you have been made aware that there has been some nice weather. Well the sun has stopped me from working as it is just too nice to work when there is glorious weather outside. Also when I got my new computer I discovered that there is a wealth of games that I haven’t played yet. Namely Crysis which I have been dying to play ever since I heard it was being developed. With my new system I could play it on the highest settings. Needless to say, it was worth it. The games was awesome. Too short but awesome. A Bit easy but awesome! I have also just bought F.E.A.R 2 which I cannot wait to play as the first one was so much fun!

As a side effect of the hot weather, I have decided I want a bike so I am also bidding on a Cross Country bike so that I can zoom around Canal paths this summer!

Another reason why progress has been haulted is that I have been given another set of critiques on the eDirty my critiques can been seen here but there are a lot more as can be seen in the image below.

As you can see, there is a lot to be getting on with. I am pretty much going to have to re-create most of the front end. I could just leave it but then I would know that it is all wrong and I can’t live with that. To get this right, I will be using camera matching so that everything lines up. But seeing as it is my birthday this coming weekend, I will not be working on it for a while.
To give myself a break from modelling the car, I will modelling a high detailed chair to go in the car. (I am really procrastinating here as I don’t want to destroy the front end of the car). The chair in question is the one below:
I will hopefully be able to get through this tomorrow and will post updates as soon as I get them. I want to go to town with details here as I also want to use this chair in my show reel to show of as much detail as possible.
That is all for now, I hope I will have a more interesting post next time round.
Thanks for watching…

5 responses to “Things are going slow…

  1. Hey there!

    Have a very happy birthday! It´s totally understandable that you didn´t want to sit in a dark room clicking on the computer when the weather is good! For me it´s a lot easier to sit at home, because currently there are thunderstorms here, with ice raining almost every afternoon…

    You know, there is a difference between how ppl percieve images. Most of the errors marked on that image are NOT actual errors, its just that some of us see the picture on a different screen, with different eyes and in a different state of mind. Yeah, the badge is a bit too high up, the small screws may be missing (actually it all depends on model year and place of make), and just like all of us I can only judge by looking at photos or rebuilt cars, because all the originals are either crashed/rusted then rebuilt or deformed too much over time.Oh, and my BMW fanatic/owner friend sais that your model looks alright, he could only spot the badge being too high, and feels the wheelarch a little too curved. And, he sais that he feels the lights a bit small, not larger as its marked LoL. So, its different ppl realy.

    Now as a fellow modeler, I think you should move on, this is the moment wen you´r work is almost done. There will always be errors for some of us, and it will look perfect for everybody else. Now with your model, that ratio is down to about 1 in 10million probably, so I guess you should make that nice chair, and then a nice dashboard, steering wheel etc…

    Anyways, keep up the great work, and enjoy playing! I heard that Fear2 is pretty bad after playing Fear1 though, hope it´s not true!

    • Hey man,

      Thanks. I am off to London to stay for a long weekend, it should be a laugh. Going out with a few friends.

      Yeah I know what you mean, they are only small issues but I can’t bare the thought of not doing this car justice, it is after all, one of my favourite cars. It shouldn’t take much more than a weekend to get it sorted but I am in no rush.

      I want to broaden my range rather than just focus too much on one project.

      OH and I hope FEAR 2 is good. I also have Battlefield Bad Company 2 coming my way this weekend as well.

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