BMW e30 M3 WIP update 5

Well after receiving critique on my BMW WIP I set about making corrections.

Pretty much the entire side of the car was rebuilt, I removed all chamfers and deleted all of the top polygons to make everything as smooth as possible. I then cleaned up the mesh around the front grill. – I literally spent hours slaving over this!

I really did not want to post this and then get Jaystyle from cg-cars telling me that it wasn’t good enough. Once I was satisfied I then did three test renders in 3 different colours:

1. Alpine White (218)

2. Diamond Black (Metallic) (181)

3. Brilliant Red (308)

I am pretty satisfied with the results. I think the colour look good as well. Minor tweaking to do as well.  I will be doing some head on renders next taking inspiration from this post. But first I will need to model the radiator and oil cooler so that you won’t just see through the bumpers. Rendering at this angle as well gives me the opportunity to see what detail I need to go into as well.

If you were wondering what the little numbers next the paints are about, they are the BMW paint codes. I got these car paints as accurate as possible using techniques explained here!

Thanks for watching

C&C welcomed and encouraged.


4 responses to “BMW e30 M3 WIP update 5

  1. Hey, looking better then ever! My favortie would be the black with the red trims, that looks realy awesome. I gotta show this to my friend who owns an E30 coupe, his car has the same diamond black finish (almost, it´s kinda worn down though). He´s gonna love it!

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  3. man that’s great.very nice modeling and the render is just stunning.hope to see more work from you.i like the black one,the metalized paint is beautiful.

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