Proof that CG Rocks!!! \m/

If you ever needed proof that the world of CG rocks then look no further! I present to you:  ipod live

This is the work of a talented artist from Rio De Janeiro called gformenti. I am sure you will agree that this is one of the best CG images you have seen…for so many reasons! Personally, this is in my top ten CG images!

Hi full name is: Guilherme  Formenti
Yes he is available for freelance and yes he is available now! I was looking for some rockin cg work then I would look no further!

The work you see above was created in 3DS Max and the edited in Photoshop and is only a glimpse into what he has to offer! If you are hungry for me then do check out his CG Hub page and if you are wanting to contact him then you can find him here!

Do go check him out!

Thanks for watching guys!


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