Everyone loves a Critique…

Well after my latest spat of modelling, I posted up a render over at CG-CARS for review.

I’ll be honest, what I was expecting was a nice chunk of praise as I was quite proud.

What I got in return was the most comprehensive critique I have ever gotten! At first I was pissed, I thought “Piss off! How dare you draw all over my render.” (Which is odd for me as I am good at taking critique) But after I had gone for a swim I saw how much of a blessing in disguise this was! I invite you to have a look.

As you can see Jaystyle really went to town it. A lot of the points he made are very hard to see but are all correct! This is probably the most important piece of critique that I have received in years!

Yes it does mean hours of more work but it will be so worth it in the long run.

The truth is hard to swallow at times but is always for the good, my only wish is that I would have got it sooner.

Thanks Jaysyle.

Thanks for watching.


3 responses to “Everyone loves a Critique…

  1. That´s great realy!
    I started posting on 3dtotal back ion the days, but after reciecving tons of useless comments, either untrue praise or comments like “I don´t like it, u s**k”, i stopped posting entirely. This kind of realy in-depth critiqe you received is very very rare in my experience.
    Your reactions are totally okay, and very professional! Whenever I received a useful comment I reacted kinda like you, altough as beginner it sometimes took me days to realize that I should be thankfull, not angry. I´ve spent enought time modeling that by now I don´t get angry.

    If you want to go for an insanely perfect model, then fix all the stuff mentioned in that picture, but I have to tell you that my friend who ownes 2 E30 BMWs couldn´t see these errors, and he was looking at M3 bodiykits for 3 months now as he want´s to buy one! 🙂

    • Yeah I use 3dtotal as well. I don’t really get much criticism from them. So I don’t frequent it that much. Fortunately I am quite critical of myself and can spot the errors straight away but seeing as I have improved since I first made the body, I tried to avoid making it again.
      Jaystyle and Giom over at cg-cars are really good if you are working on BMW’s it’s like they own every model ever made.
      I have started fixing all the errors shown above, its not actually as bad as it looks.

      Your friend is very lucky! I am looking to buy either an e30 or e36 in the next couple of months.

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