Even more BMW e30 M3 Test Renders

Well I have chopping and changing my studio and I think I have finally come to a set up that I like. I had to do a lot of research into real car studios to get how the lighting worked. It can still be optimized a little bit but it is pretty much there. Click on the image below for a larger size.

A have made a few new parts for this model as well such as the brake discs. Currently I have only made the a vented front disc but I will be making a solid disc for the rear as well soon. I also made some glass, which I still need to check to get the reflections nice and smooth on them. As well as the discs there are the disc guards, I don’t know the name for them. I need to make callipers and tyres yet.

I am interested to know what you think of the studio.

Here some progress shots.


2 responses to “Even more BMW e30 M3 Test Renders

  1. Hey, looks better and better with every post!

    The brakes look very nice, cool detailed work, too bad we won´t be seeing more of it as they´r behind the wheels. Sorry but I can´t give you any helpful comments, as you have seen on my renders I´m terrible with lighting and rendering.

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