More BMW e30 M3 Test Renders…

Well after trying out Brilliantrot the other day, I decided to try out two more colours. So below you can see Lachssilber and Diamantschwarz. I might do one more colour but these are my favourite colours at the moment. So here they are:



Click either image to get a 1920×1080 res image. And if you missed the Brilliantrot then click here. More studio test will come to fine tweak the materials as well as the lighting.

C&C welcomed

Thanks for watching.


4 responses to “More BMW e30 M3 Test Renders…

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  2. Hey mate, looking great! So far I think the red one was the best material, the diamantschwarz looks overly reflective to me. Wheel material looks good, and lighting and reflections will produce a nice result with a full render probably. The scene feels a little bit dark, but with the strong reflections it will be great to show off the lines of the bodywork. You can always change the lighting a bit in postwork anyways 🙂

    Tip: If you want the car to stand out from the scene, place some white planes (hidden to the camera) in such a position and angle so that it reflects off from the far contour of the car, thus creating backlighting/edge-lights. A simple light wouldn´t show up on your typical car material which has no specular reflections, but I think you already knew that 🙂 Hope you understand what I´m trying to say lol 🙂

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