BMW e30 M3 Test Render…

It was about time I got round to making a test render of my BMW e30 M3. But to my dismay as soon as I assembled the car in one file I was getting memory issues. (I am still running windows XP 32bit). After scouting around to see what I could do to get VRay to work I came across the /3Gb Switch for window XP. My word! Does it work! Not only did I not have to convert anything to VRay Proxy but it would handle the scene so much better. I won’t go into it in detail but I will let you know how it is done at a later date.

Anyway with out further a due, here is the test render.

Click for larger 1920×1080 image

The paint is BMW BrilliantRot or paint code 308 for the interested. I hope you like it, I will post more when I have more. Oh and I decided to use the BBS RC 090 or BMW Style 5’s for the test render, I will be using the BBS LM’s at a later date.

More colours here

C&C Welcomed

Thanks for watching.


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