BBS LM’s or BBS RC 090’s?

Well I have decided to start modelling some wheels for my BMW e30 M3

The thing is, I have two wheels in mind. Either BBS LM’s or BBS RC 090 or BMW Style 5’s as they are more commonly known among the BMW community.

Because I am such a nice guy I have drawn the blueprints to scale and I am giving them away. Click on the pictures below to get your 4000×4000 blueprint. The first one is the Style 5 and the second is the BBS LM.

All I ask in return is that you let me know which one you prefer, oh and also tell all your friends about the free downloads.

Some stats about the rims, they are both 17-inch rims with 120×5 lug pattern.

I will be making both of them to see what goes best.

Thanks for watching.


7 responses to “BBS LM’s or BBS RC 090’s?

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  2. Thanks for the great blueprints! How did you do them?

    Btw, my friend had the style 5 on his E30 (coupe non M) till he crashed the car, and I think it goes better with the car. It feels more BMWish for me, maybe because I see that more often. But if you do both anyways, then it doesnt realy matter 🙂

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