Strap Tutorial…

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a strap like the one shown below in 3DS Max:

I will assume you know have basic knowledge of how 3DS Max and I will go over the steps I used to make it.

Step 1:
Create a circular spline like so and convert it to an editable spline. Keep note of your radius as you will need that for the next step.

Step 2
Make sure your selection is set to Vertex and select the two middle vertexes and click on break. Then change your selection from vertex to spline and select the bottom half of your circle and drag it to the right. If you know the radius of the circle then you can just move it over by that much. Once you are done you should have something that looks like this.

Step 3
Make sure you weld the two central vertexes together. Now what we are going to do is select the spline (it should select the whole profile) and shift drag it to the right to make a copy. Weld the vertexes and repeat. You should end up with something like this:

Step 4
Once you have done that we are going to use the clone and instance commands to make something like this. I moved some of the splines so that later they will cross over. I also attached them all together so that they are one selectable spline.

Step 5
Select your spline and shift rotate 90 degrees. Make sure your splines cross over by enabling “enable in render” and “enable in viewport”. This will give you this result:

Step 6
Convert to an editable poly. As you can see it is a bit messy so I cleaned up the mesh to make it nice and uniform like this:

Step 7
Shift drag your nice clean piece of strap and repeat to get a long section of strap like below:

Step 8
Nearly done now. Its time to add some dimension to this strap. To get the strap to bend round to the cap I used a bend modifier and played around with it to get what I wanted. As you can see:

Step 9
To make the strap a little less uniform and make it look more natural I used a Noise modifier and change a few of the parameters. Once I was happy with that I then used FFD 3×3 modifier to make it look more realxed. Here you can see the result of the Noise modifier:

Step 10
Well there is no step 10 really. I would advise you to convert the strap to a V-Ray Proxy once you are done modifying as this strap is quite poly heavy and might cause some problems if there are a lot of other objects in the scene.

This strap was only made for my Hugo Boss model. It could be made for any other model and you can use any modifier you want to get your desired effect. I hope this was of use to you.

Thanks for watching.


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