I got feedback…

Like the title says, I got feedback.

Lee Danskin of Escape Studios said the following about my BMW Contours:

The wheel is very well rendered in v-ray, modelled in max and tweaked in photoshop, As a render and a model it looks ok, though I think its a little odd to be so backlit from a composition aspect. The reflection for a studio environment is alright, possibly a little dull on the closeup. I can also see some tessellation issues on the small disc at the front and the depth of field looks a little linear with next to no bokeh or bloom.

Its nice to get proper feedback, rather than the standard “oh my gawd, thats like well good”. There are very few people (in my experience) that will take the time to give proper feedback or constructive criticism to a piece of work. I always appreciate it when someone tears apart my work in a constructive manor, yes it is frustrating but at the end of things it makes you better at what you do.

Lee has given my some key areas to work on so I can improve in these areas. Hopefully this will make me improve. So thanks again Lee Danskin.

You can find Escape Studios on twitter by typing @Escape_Studios


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