BMW Contours – The Making of…

I thought I would share the modelling process for making the BMW Contours:

The idea came from a contest held at, the challenge was to make and detail an alloy wheel of our choice. I chose the BMW contours as can be seen above. Here is an overview of the whole process here!

As with any CG project I do, the first and foremost thing to do is gather as many reference images as possible.

I won’t go into great detail as to how the rim was made, basically it is polygon modelling with symmetry. That is then cloned 5 times to make each of the spokes. All of the vertices are then welded so that model does not fall apart when smoothing is applied. As I did not get time to finish the model for the speed challenge I decided to fully detail it as I would not be held to any time constraints. That mean I would be modelling all of the logos and badges and making the valve etc.

When it came to the materials, it was pretty simple, most of what you see in the scene are standard VRayMtl’s the only different one is the rim itself which is a “Shellac” material. I won’t show you the details of each material as how will you learn to do by copying? I will however show you what I did when it comes to post processing but that will come later.

The studio setup is pretty simple the two images below show it exactly how it is…

Its like a “C” shaped studio with 3 lights. The studio has just a white material attached to it. The light closest to us in the top picture has a yellowish colour. The light furthest away in the top pictures is a light blueish colour. There is an indirect light at the top which casts some smooth indirect lighting into the scene. There are three reflection cards in the scene, each of these has a gradient applied transitioning from black to white.

The rendered result is this:

Post processing looked like this:

To do this, follow these steps, after opening your image:

  1. Image>Adjustments>AutoLevels
  2. Duplicate the image.
  3. Image>Adjustments>Equalize(to the new image)
  4. This will look strange but change the blending style to soft light and reduce the opacity to around 30-35%
  5. To add chromatic abberration go to: Filter>Distort>Lens correction. I did about +5 and -5 to chromatic abberration
  6. Add a little vignetting.
  7. Done.

Here is a little video of the entire process from start to finish.


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