Upcoming projects…

I just finished some work for a client in the States and working on a speed challenge I was left thinking, what shall I do next? I am still working on the BMW project and the HugoCREATE competition but I thought I would look at running another project to broaden my horizons a bit more.

After buying Digital Art Masters I saw a caricature and I thought it would be an excellent challenge to do a self portrait in the style of a caricature. I was thinking of getting a sketch done by one of the street artists in Birmingham if I can find one them. The using that as my reference make a model from it. I have never made a character or caricature so I thought I would have a go at rigging the model after, could even serve as a good basis to animate as well.

Also to spark further interest and inspiration, check out these CG Superheros and Villains

Updates soon…


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