Eames Chair in 3D

Well it was abot time for me to take a step away from doing the usual cars and alloy wheels and look for another challenge.

I wanted two things out of this project, I wanted to learn how to render in VRay, as I have never used it. And I wanted to have a go at soft modelling to see if I could make surfaces look convincingly soft.

A chair would be the best project I thought, so I give you the Eames Chair…

It was a challenge to learn how to not only render leather so it looks like leather but to actually creat folds and creases in the material itself. This went against everything I have ever learnt to model in my past as a good mesh flow and poly control was paramount to making cars.

Learning VRay wasn’t so bad as there are plenty of online resources out there for the taking. One of the best sites is http://www.aversis.be under the tutorial section there is lots of quality reading…


3 responses to “Eames Chair in 3D

    • Yeah there is quite a few different ones out there. If I was to do it again I would make it completely different as I did’t like the work flow.

      Thanks for stopping by, I swung by your blog, will be reading some of your articles for sure 🙂

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